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Investigative freelance reporter at Staten Island Register

“I worked with Angie at the Staten Island Register, where we did investigative reporting on the politics and business community of this Borough, and New York City in general. It was her investigative talents that made me get into writing outside my normal column.

She worked hard at getting all the facts, and writing about the truth of the matter. I highly recommend Angie. She is the type of person that can take on any job, and see it through to completion, no matter what it takes.”

- Kerry Sullivan

“I sent a request to Angie that she write a review of my short novel -- Jack and the Jungle Lion -- and found her to be extremely pleasant, professional, and thoughtful in her (enthusiastic) review. She then promoted the book via twitter and facebook. I highly recommend Angie to any writers in need of promotion. She's great!”

- Stephen Jared

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