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Live Tottenville history with me in this first book in a series, 

looking ​at Tottenville from a more global perspective.

Meet the people from each century, not just historical dates and facts. 

Experience how events impacted life in Tottenville through what was happening on Staten Island, in New York City, in the United States, and in the World.

Imagine what life was like to take away a deeper understanding of Tottenville. 

We learn from the past to better live the future.

17th Century Tottenville History Comes Alive:

Meet the People. Experience the Events 

is now available in Indie New York, a collection of books from local indie authors available exclusively on the BiblioBoard Library mobile and web platform. 

This collection is available to patrons of participating libraries all across the state.

sketch of NY state as part of the Indie New York logo
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