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Who Is Trying to Murder Aunt Edith?
By Scott Wallace Baker
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 3 stars
The author’s influence by and knowledge of Agatha Christie shows through in this work of fiction that is a combination murder mystery and parody, with an underbelly of ironic humor that sneaks in to entertain those seeing the significance weaved into the story.
“Edith Mc Conachie was very smug indeed.  She saw no need to emulate the false modesty she so despised in others.  And why should she?  As the World’s best-selling crime novelist, she had done very well for herself.”
When her nephew and niece, cousins Jimmy and Penny, read in the newspaper of an attempt on her life with poisoned chocolates, they rush to her to determine who would want to murder Aunt Edith to stop them from succeeding.

The author’s heavy use of dialogue reads along the lines of a screenplay, moving the book quickly along for readers.  A second book in the series of the “Jazz Age detectives” is in the works, introduced after a surprising conclusion of this first story.