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Who Are We
That’s What We Are
By Janenius T. Lange Jr.
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:   3 stars
“Individuals must know who they are before they can be entrusted with the knowledge as to their purpose for existence on this Earth.  This understanding is not the job of the community to bestow upon the individual; the individual must work to gain their self-education.”
The author approaches this concept from six levels: spiritual, philosophical, political, intellectual, educational, and universal in twenty-nine short chapters covering each aspect very specifically.  Set up like a textbook for life, the author works to help us understand one’s own purpose in life.  Wisdom comes through appreciation and respect.
This reviewer believes the book would have been even stronger if the author did not single out a political leader by name near the beginning.  What is more valuable is where he continued to look at our weaknesses and strengths as individuals and as a community, emphasizing our need to teach all our leaders that which they should be teaching us.