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Where Am I Going?
Moving From Religious Tourist to Spiritual Explorer
By Michelle Cromer
Balboa Press
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  4 stars
Michelle Cromer immediately shares the purpose of this inspirational book in the introduction.
“The question Is this it? led me toward self-discovery.  … inner transformation is about discovering your own truth, that deep understanding of who you are and what you can become because of that knowledge I have written this book as if the two of us are about to walk through a gate into a deeper experience of life’s meaning.  All you have to do is open the gate.”
With those words, Cromer shares not only the book’s purpose, but sets its tone and source of inspiration.  She openly shares her life experiences in finding meaning in her own life, giving readers the challenge to search their own lives, accompanied by someone who has experienced it for herself.
Cromer’s personal and down-to-earth writing helps readers discover the age of meaning, accessed through seven stages: the wake-up call;  denial and fear;  the search for deeper spiritual meaning;  the dark night of the soul;  spiritual surrender;  and the clarity moment;  all leading to the seventh stage of asking, as well as answering, the question as to where I am going.
Readers reach this discovery with a book that has a different approach than traditional self-help books.  For example, the chapter on denial and fear is sub-titled, “You can put boots in the Oven, But that Don’t Make ‘Em Biscuits,” which begins with, “I never really know what will be served up when I visit my parents’ house, but there are two staples I can always count on:  denial and heaps of barbecue sauce.”
Cromer opens up possibilities, ending as she began, encouraging readers to choose with, “Now it is up to you to get up and walk through the gate.”  This reviewer believes that many readers will do just that, making this a book well worth exploring.