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Twelve Nation: The Book of Epoch
By Michael Reiss, Walter Timoshenko, and Darryl Kravitz
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  4 stars
Young readers are dropped into the action in the first chapter entitled, “The End.”
Twelve year old Mac Cook finds out he is at the midway from a creepy clown, with all there telling Mac to give the ring to Wan.
“The image of Wan thrusting the knife into his father’s stomach flooded Mac’s mind.”
While this chapter surrounds readers with people and images, it gives them a foreshadowing of the story and the end to which they are headed.
Chapter two then begins the story 12 days earlier, followed my an ongoing action packed tale set in the future that will keep readers involved as they root for Mac as he confronts evil in Doria, “the parallel world of dreams where people live and exist when they are asleep and dreaming in the physical world.”

After the story concludes as it goes “back to ‘the end’,” the book holds bonus stuff, Mac’s glossary, and more to further reader participation in Twelve Nation.