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Tragic Treasures
By Dianne Rosena Jones
Royal Treasures Publishing
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 4 stars
Is there a purpose to pain and tragedy?  A simple answer has been the quest of humanity for ages.
Dianne Rosena Jones gives an answer from her life.  Is the answer simple?  Not quite!  Is it meaningful and possible?  Most definitely!
Sharing from the depths of her soul her personal life experiences in twelve chapters, Jones gives readers hope.  In easy to read language she tells a tragic story.  She openly exposes her life with a courage that could only stem from one who has found the treasures in her own life.  The treasures are worth seeking, Jones tells readers, as she shows how to find them.
Each chapter ends with prompts and space for readers to question, reflect, and search their own lives and souls to do the necessary self work to determine their own destiny. 
“Your destiny awaits you in the midst of every obstacle no matter how tragic,” she concludes with hope and promise from one who has lived that of which she writes.