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To Swallow the Earth

By Karl Beckstrand & Ransom Wilcox


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 5 stars



“Before Reno – before the riches of Las Vegas – there was Carson City and the surrounding outposts that serviced the gold and silver mines that sprang up in Nevada’s silver rush of the latter 1800s. The Comstock Lode and Ophir Mine brought people of all kinds to the territory – soon after called the Silver State. This land was rugged, as were the people.”

The authors immediately set the time and place.


Chapter one begins the introduction of three of the key people in this fast gripping story: Patricia Laughlin, Wade Forester, and Bridger Calhoun.


With attention to detail, exceptional characterization, and realistic dialogue, the writing compels readers back in time to experience the interactions of these three people, as well as with the multitude of others of the time that their actions impact.  


Author Ransom “Doc” Wilcox, born in 1907, and having lived off the land himself, brings an authenticity that readers will appreciate. After Wilcox died in 1992, author Karl Beckstrand “inherited A Sky So Big as an incomplete manuscript and carefully honed the characters while preserving the original story’s action and earthy vernacular.”


Readers benefit from the combined creativity in a story that not only quickly will grip them, but which additionally will keep them involved as if contemporaries until the satisfying conclusion.