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Time Fall
By Timothy Ashby
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  5 stars
Historical fiction rises to a new level with Time Fall.
On April 21, 1945, during World War II, a team of six US Rangers parachute into Nazi Germany.  In 2011, during the global war on terror, these same six Rangers continue to fight World War II.
Readers will have no difficulty suspending the disbelief in such time travel as the historical details of both World War II and current day keep them grounded in this intriguing story.  The author’s character development excels, giving readers real people to encounter.  This, too, keeps readers grounded in a plot that is both action-driven and profoundly human.
At the very beginning readers meet twelve-year-old Hanno Kasper on April 20, 1945 when as a Hitler Youth, after he “had knocked out a Russian tank,” was now before Hitler.
“And nothing was going to make him forget what Hitler had said as he pinned the Iron Cross on his jacket.  …’You are the guarantor of the future.’”
Lieutenant Arthur Sutton, who commanded the other five US Rangers, while in flight on the “Bouncing Betty” the day after Kasper received the Iron Cross, dropped his own talisman, which flight engineer Jim Ward picked up to return to him.  It was “a button with President Franklin Roosevelt’s image surrounded by the red, white and blue words ‘Carry On with Roosevelt.’”  Sutton had it for nine years and considered it his “good luck charm.”
The lives of these men will cross paths in a story that will keep readers engaged from this compelling beginning to an amazing, satisfying conclusion.