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Theft of the Star Tracker
By Lisa Tiffin
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 4 stars

Drew Richfield and his younger brother Alex are on the bus to Eagle Ridge Prep School.  Lost in his own thoughts, listening to his iPod, Drew ignored Alex as he spoke to him before walking away. 
Alex returns to Drew wildly motioning.
“My bag.”  Alex pointed to an empty seat.
“What bag?”  Drew asked.  “I don’t see any bag.”
“Exactly,” Alex whined.  “I told you to watch it, and now it’s gone.”
Another quarterback who was Drew’s nemesis the prior year, Brett Larson, had taken the bag, leaving the bus to take a taxi.  Drew was not as concerned as Alex was about the bag until Alex explained the science project they had worked on all summer was in it.
When Drew had been upset to learn Alex would be attending his school, his father had reminded the boys “how they could never afford Eagle Ridge without Drew’s football scholarship and now his own academic one.  He had even played the mom card, saying how proud she would have been if she were alive.” 
His father went on to insist they work together to enter the annual science fair, and now the star tracker project they had begrudgingly worked so hard on together was in jeopardy.

The author weaves a story that will catch reader interest from the very beginning on the bus, throughout all the tactics Drew and Alex take to get their science project back, with the accompanying trouble they find for themselves in the process, right up to the actual science fair and well-executed conclusion.