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The Writer’s Workout
By Christina Katz
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 5 stars
Are you looking to become a writer?
Are you already a writer who is looking to grow your career?
The down-to-earth advice Christina Katz shares in The Writer’s Workout covers not only each season of the year to inspire writers, but also each season of a writer’s career.
In the spring of your life as a writer, it is time to awaken and get going.  You find your stride in the summer, and become recognizable in the fall.  The winter finds you able to coach yourself, but despite your accomplishments, there is always room to open to new directions while you stay prolific.
Christina Katz gives writers the choice: read a page a day over the course of a year, read all at once as a complete immersion into the writing life, or pick the sections in whatever order needed.
Whatever choice the writer makes, this writer is certain that writers will keep this book readily available for returning to repeatedly, both for reference and for that needed jolt of encouragement.