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The World Clicks
By KM Breakey
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 3 stars
As one begins reading The World Clicks, it appears on the surface to be just a simple story about thirty-year-old Lane Craig, who lost his job, but was determined to make it big on the Internet.  Set in a time post dot-com-crash in Canada, Lane shares his idea with his motley group of friends for their help on his way to planned success and riches.
“We ate pizza, drank beer, watched hockey – Canadians through and through.”
Throw in the added spice of curses and sex, and this story moves quickly.
This reviewer saw the strength of this book in its satire on Internet success, as well as on being a writer, through adequate clues to support this conclusion.
“My idea was so new, simple, compelling – it should soar.  It would soar.”
What was this idea?  A webpage would hold a giant button to click, that would do nothing more than be something on which to click.  Thus, the Internet could be a way to get rich by sharing nothing.
When the key support needed to promote this button was to find quality writers, this quote indicates the perverted concept of the value of professional writers.
“We’re not paying them?”
“Course not.  They won’t expect payment.  They won’t believe their good fortune that we allow them to contribute.”
So when initially this reviewer began reading, it seemed way too simplistic of a story not offering much, by continuing to the end I found more and more depth in the satire.  The social criticism is most definitely there for the observant reader.