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The Way of the Mysterial Woman

By Suzanne Anderson, MA and Susan Cannon, PhD


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 4 stars








In this book, the authors take women through steps to upgrade how they live, love, and lead.


“Women have enjoyed decades of liberation and empowerment that were unimaginable just half a century ago. … Clearly, the playing field has become, while not level, a whole lot closer to level. … Yet something else has been stirring under the surface of our apparent emancipation.”


In order to move forward, women needed to aspire to their masculine side, the old model for achievement. In the process, however, women have downplayed, or completely buried the strength of their feminine side.


What if there is a better way? What if women can evolve to a higher order, striking a balance utilizing all that they are?


“We, the co-authors … did not set out to invent a new source code for the way women live, love, and lead. The source code found us, in the mysterious way these things happen when history and higher purpose align.”


This book is not a quick read, with many levels for exploration and understanding, but it is a purposeful read for women to look into themselves in a different manner, and potentially find sources of strength and understanding unknown to them before.


Readers will explore layering parts of themselves: the mother, the hero, the father, the maiden, and the crone. Through in-depth personal discovery, they work to find the Yin-Yang essence that leads to an “empowered integration.”


Divided into three parts, the book starts with “The Call of the Mysterial Woman,” continues to “Preparation for The Mysterial Journey,” and concludes with “The Mysterial Future.”


Readers will find this a thought-provoking book to explore.