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The Violets Are Mine
By Lester Morris
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 4 stars
Unspeakable pain is a part of Lester Morris’ sharing of his life as a boy.  The abuse he endured as an orphan will tug at readers’ hearts, but his matter-of-fact look back shows a survivor who will endear himself to readers.
In the very first chapter, readers meet the young orphan at All Saints Home in England during the blackouts of World War II, his urgent desire being  to have the rain stop so he can go outside to ride the green penny-farthing bike.
With a touch of humor in his writing that lessens the devastating situations experienced, to his credit Morris makes apparent that he did not write this memoir as a victim.  It is a testament to the healing properties of the good people who touched his life, and to his own inner strength developed to insulate him from physical and mental assaults.  His body may have been hurt, but his heart stayed innocent and open.
Readers will not easily put down this book as they watch the young boy grow, shuttled to different orphanages, and then out to foster homes.  With each new move, readers will be rooting for the change that will allow him to have his childhood protected.
The Violets Are Mine will stay with readers for a very long time.