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The Unknown Masterpiece
By John Brooke
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  4 stars
This fourth book in the Inspector Aliette Nouvelle series provides readers with an investigation that will keep them involved from the beginning until the very end. 
Written with a look not only at the inspector’s case, this book delves into her private romantic life that additionally has her puzzled. 
Previous Aliette Nouvelle readers will enjoy the newest caper that builds on previous events, but there is sufficient backstory woven into the writing to introduce new readers to her world.
The international setting adds to the plot, bringing Aliette back and forth from her native France to Switzerland.  Her investigation of the murder of a Basel art gallery security guard with a damaged painting near his body on the French bank of the Rhine coincides with an investigation in Switzerland of the murder of a Basel art restorer.
The author executes characterization, dialogue, and plot extremely well, offering a unique story in the series strong enough to stand alone, a definite sign of good writing technique.