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The Thursday Night Club
By Steven Manchester
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 4 stars

This novella introduces readers to Jesse Cabral and his friends Izzy, Ava, Randy and Kevin, college seniors who meet weekly on Thursdays to play cards.
Excellent characterizations and dialogue allow readers to be privy to the club as if they are part of the group. Each member’s distinct personality comes across well in their initial bantering and joking, transitioning at the end of chapter three, bringing the story to a more serious side in chapter four.

Jesse talks of his grandfather to his friends.

“Jesse’s face turned from playful to serious. ‘He told me to watch how people acted toward each other around Christmas and then asked me to imagine if everyone acted that way all year long.’ He nodded. ‘I’ve always love Christmas for that.’”

From this point forward, the story develops significantly into a tale of true Christmas spirit.