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The Tears of Mary
By Scott Baker Sweeney
Author House
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:   5 stars
The Tears of Mary keeps readers involved from beginning to end.
Austin Brock left his childhood farming community in central Indiana to attend Notre Dame University, where his formal education was in religious studies.  His roommate at Notre Dame was Tommy O’Shea, from Dublin, Ireland, who shared a farming background, but these two young men were polar opposites in most everything else. 
Nevertheless, they formed a strong bond, rooming together as friends through the college years.  That last year, however, a paper on Mary Magdalene that Austin was writing had Tommy, with his Irish knack for storytelling, reveal the secret of the tears of Mary.
Was it just blarney, or did the tears of Mary exist?
After college, Austin becomes a Navy SEAL, thinking nothing more about the tears of Mary until later when the CIA approaches him.
With true to life characters, genuine dialogue and a plot imbedded with suspense, adventure, romance and a strong touch of the miraculous, Sweeney keeps readers captivated.