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The Symbiotic Section
By Tina Louise Brotz
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 5 stars
The author grabs reader attention in the prologue with an unnamed character that immediately mysteriously implies the much larger part he will play in the novel.
“The door to the secret chamber was locked behind him as he walked with a sense of purpose to the massive desk knowing that the task that lay in front of him tonight was a daunting one.”
In chapter one readers meet Elizabeth Dickerson and her husband, Michael, “financial extraordinaire and marketing wizard, a modern-day legend in the banking world, but she knew the real man…had seen the filthy backside of his character.”
In chapter two, fifteen years later, readers see Michael and his son, Travis, and the story begins in earnest into a compelling drama.
Realistic dialogue enhances excellent characterizations and flawless execution of plot, keeping readers emerged into all of the characters’ lives until the surprising, and satisfactory ending revealing the full meaning of the title of this novel.  It’s a fast paced story that will not only keep one reading, but after it is over, will stay with readers for further reflection of its premise.