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The Suited Monk
By Raf Adams
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  4 stars
This guide to life purpose and happiness is Raf Adam’s sharing of how his “life today is radically different from what it was only a few years ago.”
Adams begins with two chapters telling his life as it was.  While interesting, this story part of the book would have had more impact if there had been less telling, and more showing.  Adam’s writing in Chapter 3, however, through the conclusion in Chapter 11, calls for the explicit telling backed by the drawn figures of the Life Journey Model and subsequent figures that summarize and focus the points made, making this reviewer ignore that first impression of the writing.
“The Life Journey Model is designed to help you to understand what cannot otherwise be easily understood.  The Model reveals the mystery that is our lives and shows you how to bridge the Gap between the external world, our current reality, the world that is on show and your internal world, your true self.”
Further information is in the Glossary and Notes and the end of the book.
It is worth noting the compact size of the The Suited Monk, something that makes it easy to carry to read and to reread as one sets out on one’s own personal journey.