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The Separation

By Stormy Corrin Russell


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 5 stars



After the Gender War, the Council in Genesis decreed that the men and women would now live in segregated areas.


“I’m not old enough to remember a time when love existed, a time before The Separation. Women and men have lived apart for almost a century now, and most people who could remember otherwise are dead and gone. But not Grace.”


With this beginning of the first chapter, Eroyn, and her 102 years old Elder, start the journey in the female half of Compound A in Genesis, under the Council rule enforced by the Matriarch.

Grace chose Eroyn when it was time as an Elder to choose the Youth who will be her caregiver.  Readers will find the two of them not so easily compliant in accepting the norm, and this uniqueness will keep interest and empathy high.


Excellent dialogue and realistic characterizations makes this world come alive.


Reminiscent of the writing of George Orwell, who propelled us into 1984, believing the unbelievable as if we lived through it, so too, the author gives a believable world and plot that keeps readers engulfed in the story, turning pages quickly so as not to miss anything.