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Mystical Speed: The Revenge of the Yellow Yams

By Hubert Guscott


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 5 stars

In this sequel to Mystical Speed, the author captures readers into a satire to enjoy on many levels. A new independent story begins where the other one ends.


“The county championship was over. The five boys and their coaches were happy that they had won the track and field competition. However, there was shouting and yelling at the far left-hand corner of the track. The team that was supposed to win the county championship had lost to the team that they had beaten for the past ten years.


‘What just happened here?’ asked Coach Bakra.


‘I don’t know; it is a strange, mystical thing,’ replied Coach Micro.”


Overhearing the winning boys talking about Jamaica’s secret yams from invincible hill, Coach Bakra decides to go to Jamaica, dragging Coach Micro with him, to find the mystical secret. What transpires in Jamaica is a funny imaginative tale that includes talking yams, a ghost, animals, birds, and produce from other countries that conspire with some humans to put an end to the stealing of the yams.


A fantasy story becomes believable through the author’s entertaining dialogue and unique characterizations in this underlying story of nationalism, politics, and personal character that shares a message reminiscent of George Orwell’s Animal Farm with a Jamaican twist.


Readers catch the spirit of Jamaican culture through immersion in its lyrical language, yet will see how the message holds true on a more universal level.