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The Reunion

By Jack Elgos


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 4 stars






The prologue brings readers back to 1945 Berlin, Germany. Harry and his friends, “an independent unit of enterprising British squaddies,” are stashing their loot, or as his friend, Lenny called it, “a stupid box full of German junk.”


The book begins in 2010 in Pontefract, West Yorkshire with Harry’s son Alan after his father’s death. Going through his things, he finds “a thick sheaf of wrinkled, yellowed, heavily creased old letters and papers.”


What he finds among them has him contacting his own friends for a reunion of “The No Name Motorcycle Club” to elicit their help.


“They were a gang of young, strong, fit and fearless bikers…but that was over thirty years ago.”


What follows is a story that will grip readers and keep them involved until the very end. Readers will laugh and cry with this reunited motorcycle club and their quest.


The dialogue is true Yorkshire, adding an authenticity that makes the story even more compelling. An explanation of the words and phrases at the beginning, and a short glossary at the end of the book, will have readers well prepared to experience the adventure.