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The Murder House
By Nancy Lynn Jarvis
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  5 stars

Real estate agent Regan McHenry does it again! 
She has another house to sell, with another mystery that creeps in for her to solve.
Approaching an appointment with the owner for a possible listing, she sees a house “like something Thomas Kincaid might have imagined for one of his paintings,” cozy and peaceful.  However, appearances can deceive.
“She spoke to the house as if it were an animate being.  ‘You’re supposed to be a derelict with a cruel past, but you look comfortable and charming.  When did that happen?  When did you, the most notorious house in Bonny Doon, take up such welcoming and benign airs?’”
After a brutal double murder twenty years earlier, with one victim a real estate broker Regan had met, rumors continued that the house was haunted.  Those realtors, who remembered as Regan did, gave the house the infamous name, the “Murder House.”
When Regan was able to suggest a different approach to sell the house, the owner Josh gave her the listing as his agent.
“I know you’re the perfect agent to sell this house.  I know that because I’ve also heard you’ve been involved with murder before.”
Nancy Lynn Jarvis does it again! 
The author gives readers a mystery that will capture them from the very first chapter, keep them involved through all the twists and turns in the plot, bringing them to a satisfying conclusion that will have them looking forward to the future adventures of Regan Mc Henry.