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The Mind of Thuse
By Linda Smarzik
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  4 stars
Before bringing readers directly into thriving within effortlessness, author Linda Smarzik shares her personal story, which set her on the path to uncover the process.  After this introduction that creates a bond between writer and reader, she gradually progresses to teach the dynamic system peppered with personal references that keeps the process relatable and real.
“From years of observation, research and experience, I have determined that people are the most alive, most vibrant, and most content when they can readily access their process of creativity leading to effortlessness on a regular basis – regardless of the specific activity.”
Her research shows through this book as readers discover the three distinct stages of development of our brains with what they are and with each set of individual functions they carry out.  Most important to creativity is how “they must all work harmoniously together to champion the process of creativity leading us into an effortless state.”
Remember some time in your life when what you were doing so totally caught your interest that you did not even notice the passage of time.  That is effortlessness!
Smarzik builds on this basis to expand more specifically to give readers the complete picture of this system to apply to their lives to thrive fully within effortlessness each day.  Using an illustration of the Triangle of Thuse with specific examples shown, the author assists readers further in the learning.
References, an index, and a sharing of Smarzik’s credentials and experience at the end complete this book as not only an inspiring read, but a valid reference book to refer in the future for reinforcement of the principles presented, or for educators to use to instruct others in learning effortlessness.