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The Conversation Manager
By Steven Van Belleghem
Lannoo Campus Publishers
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 4 stars
Van Belleghem tells of the power of the modern consumer and the end of the traditional advertiser.  Consumers explore the world more today, both in their everyday life and even more far reaching by exploring online.  Unless advertisers reassess the power of word of mouth, which has been in overdrive mode now with the exponential outreach of social media, and learn to be conversation managers, marketing campaigns will not succeed.
The format of The Conversation Manager adds nicely to the information within its pages.  Top of the page red ink “asides” give the facts supporting or enhancing the text.  Each chapter ends with a “Key Points in this Chapter” summary that reinforces and highlights the most important issues in each chapter.  In addition, the idea mind mapping in clouds, as well as graphs and pictures, are the perfect visual compliment to illustrate the points made.
Good conversation managers observe trends and consumer reactions on social media as managers, and facilitate information as their brand, but a key factor is for the conversation managers to participate as the persons they are.  In this way, they can communicate with the consumers in genuine exchanges and stop trying just to communicate at the consumers.
Based on four years of research at InSites Consulting and insights gained through further investigation, The Conversation Manager by Steven Van Belleghem offers an important addition to the world of advertising,  helping companies, as well as individuals, who are marketing through social media.