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The Caldarian Conflict
By Mike Kalmbach
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewing a book centered on pirates, monks, and a corrupt government in a fictional world was a new experience for this reviewer.  The story line interested me to accept doing this review, but I wasn’t anticipating all that I uncovered.
Kalmbach has presented an exciting, believable story that keeps readers turning pages quickly with Captain Shannon “The Cannon” O’Connor, Admiral Cain, Father Ramsey, Owen, Krell, and all the other Caldarians under the rule of King Lothar.
However, it is Brother Mendell, the monk caught in the middle, who leads readers into and throughout The Caldarian Conflict.
Kalmbach presents an intelligent adventure, enjoyable to readers on many levels, with excellent characterization, dialogue, and story line.  This kind of writing truly merits a five star recommendation!