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The Bridge of the Golden Wood

By Karl Beckstrand


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 4 stars


In this “parable on how to earn money” for children, the author tells a story of a boy who finds a problem and in helping others discovers an opportunity to profit from his work solving the difficulty.  The illustrations and short story give a strong message quite simply and effectively.


At the story’s end the author asks two questions:


What did the boy do that helped him to find the treasure?


How might you find treasure in trouble?


In reply to these questions is a paragraph of explanation for those who may need more clarification. Earning ideas with examples follow, offering encouragement that education, in any of its many forms, increases one’s income.


The book concludes with a website link “for information on finding customers, managing money, and moving up in an organization.”


While the book speaks to children, the message it contains is one that additionally would profit everyone, regardless of their age.