FREELANCE WRITER providing quality service since 1995 - ANGIE MANGINO  journalist / book reviewer
Investigative freelance reporter at Staten Island Register
“I worked with Angie at the Staten Island Register, where we did investigative reporting on the politics and business community of this Borough, and New York City in general. It was her investigative talents that made me get into writing outside my normal column.
She worked hard at getting all the facts, and writing about the truth of the matter.  I highly recommend Angie. She is the type of person that can take on any job, and see it through to completion, no matter what it takes.”
         -- Kerry Sullivan
“Angie is a great investigative writer, with excellent skills and good fact finding abilities. Her writing is professional and interesting.”
         --  Jim Scarcella
History of Tottenville workshop presenter - Tottenville Branch Library
“Angie's presentation of the history of Tottenville at the Tottenville Branch Library was informative and interactive.  Her presentations attract both long-time residents and non-residents of the town, individuals interested in the personal history of Tottenville as well as objective researchers.”
         -- Jaclyn Lurker
2002 Staten Island Woman in History - N.Y. State Assembly Citation
“I was pleased to be invited to see Angie receive this award.  She is a truly motivated and professional writer.  In addition, it is clear during her presentations and workshops that her audience is engaged in the subject matter.  She is always willing to listen and learn from her audience as well as share her knowledge.”
         -- Jaclyn Lurker
Book Awards judge for Catholic Press Association
“After reading several of Angie Mangino's articles for the Staten Island Register, I asked her to serve as a judge in the Catholic Press Association Annual Book Awards program.  Angie's writing was clear and engaging.  She also revealed a high level of intuitive and intellectual insights.  It was a pleasure to work with her.”
         -- Charles Roth
Book Reviewer
 “As a literary publicist, one of the services I provide for my clients is to send their books out for review.  One would think that this is a simple enough task, but finding a book reviewer who can actually write well is not that easy.  Locating a reviewer who has facility with nonfiction & historical fiction, the two genres I accept, is an even rarer bird.  And then there's the requirement I have that reviews must be crossposted to at least 3 sites in addition to Amazon.
Angie meets all these criteria well.
Since Angie writes for a living, her writing skills are superb.
In addition to her skills, Angie is supremely easy to work with, cooperative, responsive, and considerate.
My understanding is that Angie may be expanding her services to include manuscript critique or editing.  If she does, I am sure she will be excellent at whatever she decides to offer next.
I highly recommend collaborating with Angie on writing projects.”
         -- Stephanie Barko

"My publicist, Stephanie Barko, requested that Angie write a review of my book, Gathering Strength: Conversations with Afghan Women. Angie saw the significance of the book and spelled it out in the review, backing it up with quotes. Angie is a great writer who can discern the important points of a book and lay them out succinctly for the reader."
Service Category: Writer/Editor
Year first hired: 2013
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time"
            -Peggy Kelsey
“Angie agreed to review my book, Buying Murder.  Her review was thoughtful, well written, and helpful.  She posted it in several appropriate places and several readers have commented they purchased the book as a result of her review.
As a mystery writer, I appreciated that she was able to say so much without giving away the murderer.” 
         -- Nancy Lynn Jarvis
“I discovered Angie on LinkedIn and could not be happier with the assistance and service she provided.  I reached out to Angie for her professional writing experience to help me improve my own writing.  Her information and guidance was critical in polishing my work and preparing it for publication.  I don't believe I have ever worked with a more friendly and personable writer than Angie.  She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend her service and have personally passed on her name to several of my own friends and coworkers.  I would not hesitate to call on her again and again!”
         -- Jon Renaud
“I have had the great privilege of working with Angie as a book reviewer and have found that she is a giving writer, one who will share her expertise to help other writers to be successful.  She is detail oriented and offers concise advice and tips for other writers when they feel they have nowhere to turn to ask questions and gain knowledge about writing, marketing, and all things to do with being an author.  I would highly recommend her blog and website as well as her book reviewing services.”
         -- Michelle Dunn

"There's a great need for qualified and consistent reviewers in the field of publishing.
Angie Mangino continues to be one of the very few and best.

With razor-sharp analyses, she uncovers the delicate balance between
being extraordinarily discerning and yet fully supportive. No small feat, that!

Within one's book or manuscript, she identifies that which is already excellent
upon that moonlit trail through a forest of one's words. Angie then lends a hand
with halogen-powered flashlights to disseminate brightened clarity unto a tangled
alphabetic underbrush of sentences tongue-tied with unintended, witless obscurity.

This is of course an invaluable relief!

As a published poet at (and an adjunct photographer), it's crystal
clear that Angie is an invaluable ally to assist in a writer's career acceleration towards
being recognized, seen and heard. I cannot recommend her strongly enough!"

           - Darius Gottlieb,

 “I asked Angie to review my book "Sensitivity 101...The Search for Acceptance" and she did so very quickly.  With her experience, I wasn't sure how the review would come back, me being a first time author.  She wrote a very intensive review and actually gave me a great review.  The honesty of it is what impressed me the most.  I would love to have Angie review any of my upcoming books.  She is someone I trust to tell me the truth and help me forward my career.”
         -- Philip Nork
“I sent a request to Angie that she write a review of my short novel -- Jack and the Jungle Lion -- and found her to be extremely pleasant, professional, and thoughtful in her (enthusiastic) review.  She then promoted the book via twitter and facebook.  I highly recommend Angie to any writers in need of promotion.  She's great!”
         -- Stephen Jared
 “I highly recommend Angie Mangino’s work and services to any professional person on earth because of the integrity of her work and character which are clearly displayed through her thoughts and writings."
         -- Jansenius T. Lange Jr.
“Angie Mangino reviewed my book, Whata (What Do) Ewe (You) Mean Bye (By) That.  I am pleased with her review and would recommend her to review any book you are interested in promoting.  I found she was "right on" with her comments.”
         -- Sondra Smith
“Angie was a pleasure to work with during the time she was a reviewer for Inscriptions Magazine.  I recommend her as a professional, talented writer/reviewer who is reliable and dependable.  If you get a chance to work with Angie, please do not hesitate to do so!”
         -- Bev Walton-Porter
"Want an honest and thoughtful review? Ask Angie. If you’re lucky she’ll review your book."
       --Margaret Cahill  Five Star Fraud

Copy Editor

"Angie has done editing for Redmond Worldwide and for my Text Book on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. She always does an excellent job editing very technical work. I highly recommend Angie and I may be contacted as a reference for her."
        - Michael C. Redmond PhD, ISO Cyber Certifications, PMP, MBA  Redmond Worldwide

"Angie has copy-edited our book MEN SUFFER TOO. Her work was excellent and on time. It was a pleasure to work with her. Highly recommended. "
         -Steve Petrou CEO VASPX Publishing

"Angie Mangino is great editor and help when you're ready to publish. She's reliable and does a wonderful job."
          -Arthur Smukler MD, Author & Psychiatrist
Arthur Smukler MD, Author & Psychiatrist