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Supervision Matters

By Rita Sever


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 5 stars






“Studies show that supervision matters. To most people, their supervisor is the organization. If their supervisor is thoughtless and demanding, then that’s how they see the organization. If their supervisor is supportive and fair, then so is the organization.”


Broken into “bite-sized ideas,” this book “focuses on helping you think about your role, your approach, and your interactions with your staff,” in a format perfect for busy supervisors. Built for one to either read from beginning to end, or to choose sections of more immediate concern first, this book allows for immediate implementation.


The twelve chapters of this easily read guide show it matters how a supervisor:

·         Relates to people

·         Talks

·         Acts

·         Thinks about others

·         Leads

·         Communicates expectations

·         Gives and gets feedback

·         Acts when things aren’t working

·         Works with the team

·         Conducts meetings

·         Thinks about oneself, and

·         Is part of the organization


Coaching Corners at the end of each chapter help readers internalize the ideas shared more personally as they apply them to their own unique situations within their own organization.


This real-world succinct handbook for supervisors assists in improving valuable supervisory skills to foster better morale and smoother management within their organization.