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Strategic Career Engagement

By Donn LeVie Jr.


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 5 stars


Readers looking to be hired or promoted will find the author an excellent advisor for their careers.


Strategic Career Engagement is about developing a strategy for eliminating the competition for a job or promotion by making your expertise and the benefits of that expertise so much in demand by a hiring manager that you become the only logical choice of candidate.”


With practical and up-to-date information, the author, a former hiring manager, shares insights from that perspective. He instructs in a comfortable, conversational style how to raise one’s likeability, what strategy to follow, tips on cover letters, resumes, and interviews, post interview strategy and more.


As a freelance journalist, this reviewer found the professional brand sections especially relevant and applicable, not only to traditional job seekers, but additionally for those self-employed.


“Promoting your professional brand requires the same approach whether your interest is in pursuing a permanent position (internal for external), seeking contracting opportunities, or expanding a consulting business.”

Cover letter, resume, and social media tips find application value across careers, making the author a valuable asset on career advancement in today’s work environment.