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Stifling Folds of Love
By John Brooke
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  3 stars
The Aliette Nouvelle mysteries began in 1999 with The Voice of Aliette Nouvelle.
In Stifling Folds of Love, Brooke continues the story of the strong, independent French policewoman by introducing a case that has her searching for resolution, both in the case, as well as in her own personal love life.
Pearl Serein is the character who is the center of the case.  Now a celebrity kept in daily view in the gossip column of Tommi Bonneau, Pearl, once a schoolteacher, has become the most desired woman in France.  Aliette crosses paths with Pearl while assisting Commissaire Claude Neon in developing a case for investigation when Pearl’s ex-lovers die, all from apparent heart attacks.
At times the pace of the novel moves slowly, but the intriguing mystery Brooke presents builds to keep readers along for a satisfying conclusion.