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Snowflake River

By Ben-Ami Eliahu


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating:  5 stars





The story begins with Minister of Health Hadassa Samter confidentially investigating the Body Cooling Phenomenon outbreak.


In the next chapter, readers meet tenth grader Omer Lemm in the principal’s office, called to task for failing exams.


“The principal’s voice echoed through the office. 


‘Aspire! You should aspire to be the best! To succeed! To excel…’


She fell silent. It seemed as though she wanted to continue, but something made her change her mind and jot something down in her notebook.”


Instantaneously readers will connect to Omer. Together with his classmate Noa, his teacher Joel Kramer, and Kramer’s former instructor, Professor Peretez, Omer becomes the unlikely protagonist in this fantasy story that speaks volumes about our world with its conflicting good and evil.


The author constructs the story on many levels, with excellent characterizations, realistic dialogue, and a plot that holds credible as it explores a different dimensional world. The writing style is both exploratory and poetic, adding so much to reader enjoyment.


Readers will find themselves alongside Omer caring about him, worrying about him, as they root for him every step of the way until the story’s conclusion. This book expands readers’ imagination, bringing them along a unique journey, while giving them much to ponder when they read the very last words, making it one that will stay with them.