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Snakes, Snails and Puppy Dog Tales
By Caroline B. Poser
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 5 stars
Some write of the joys of motherhood, while some write of the difficulties.  In “Snakes, Snails and Puppy Dog Tales,” Caroline B. Poser’s humorous stories of raising her three sons paints a truer picture.  It is so easy to relate to the ups and downs that go hand in hand with being a mother when reading her stories.  Some days you are frustrated beyond belief.  On other days, nothing in this world can equal the joy the children bring into your life.
One story relates the family trip to Disney World and a stranger’s comments.  As any mother can confirm, let the kids act up in public, and there is always a more knowing stranger, usually without children, who has to make a comment.  Posner’s reflection says it best.
“Raising kids is not a predictable or tidy thing to do, and it was unfortunate that this woman had seen one of the more challenging moments involved in parenting, for it only served to validate her opinion that having kids was a job, not a joy.  What she didn’t get to see was that there are a lot of fun parts, too – that I get to sing and play and rediscover the world through new eyes.  And ultimately I get to experience the true meaning of unconditional love, to feel the love of God pouring through me to my children, and then
reflected back from them.  The “Most Magical Place on Earth” is wherever my kids are.”
Every mother, and every grown child who made her a mother, should read this funny and inspirational book.  With many of the stories, you’ll wonder whether Poser was in your house taking notes.