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Slim Down
By Shahnaz Moghal
UK Copyright Service
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:   3 stars
Slim Down assists in the fight against the weight problem in the population of the UK as well as globally.  The author addresses the problem of being overweight, offering fifty-seven tips to lose weight successfully.
In twelve chapters, Moghal provides helpful tips covering all the components needed to lose weight.  This includes a look at motivation, one’s outlook on food, and how to control and change eating habits.  One learns about food types, hunger attacks, the relationship of physical and non-physical activity and weight loss, and how to get moral support.  The reader develops a personalized weight loss plan, with guidelines to determine what will make the plan either a success or a failure.  Finally, there is a look at rewards and maintaining the weight loss once acquired.  
Factual references support the tips presented, and the conclusion includes charts to use as a daily record of an individual’s personal weight loss plan to assist in attaining the desired weight loss.
Overall, this is a good guide to slimming down, with the only distraction as an American reader being the grammatical presentation of the practical health tips for losing weight, which tended to slow down the reading.  The tips, however, are excellent.