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Sir Princess Petra
By Diane Mae Robinson
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  4 stars

Princess Petra’s royal birthday is the next day as this book for young readers begins.
“And according to royal custom, you may have anything your heart desires, as promised,” declares King Longstride.
The king and queen were not prepared for, and very much taken aback by their daughter’s request to become a royal knight.  Yet, since no rule in the royal rulebook prohibited it, they had no choice but to allow her to attempt it.
In six adventure-filled chapters, the author takes readers along with the young princess on her quest for knighthood.  She diligently keeps in mind her father’s definition of knighthood.
“You must be big and brave and mean and nasty to be a royal knight.”
Petra, however, utilizes her innocent, caring personality, showing the power of kindness over being mean and nasty.  Children will relate to her and learn much from her, while engrossed in the story rooting for her to make it to being a knight.