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 Sir Princess Petra’s Mission

By Diane Mae Robinson


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 4 stars


Before readers start this third book in the series of Sir Princess Petra, the author shares the synopsis of the first two books. This serves to remind previous young readers, as well as quickly catching up new young readers, to make this book enjoyable for all of them.


It was in book one when Petra, on her ninth birthday, requested to become a knight, much to her father King Longstride’s dismay. In the second book, the king, in an attempt to get his daughter to act more like a princess, requires knights to attend Talent School.


Now, in book three, the king again tries to end Petra’s knighthood by giving her a mission that he believes she will fail. He sends her to the “unventured land of the Boogy Gobies” to capture “the first notorious-fabled car-panther she encounters.” If she fails in her mission, her knighthood, as well as that of Bograt, will be “null, none, and never was.”


Readers travel with Petra rooting for her to succeed in her mission. With twists and turns that threaten this success, Petra remains the kind, adventurous, loving princess as she puts her fears aside to do what she must do for the good of everyone she encounters.


An exceptional role model for children, she will make readers love her once more!