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Sell Your Home Now
By Laura Riddle
2010 Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc.
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 5 stars
From the moment you decide it is time to sell your house to the final closing, Laura Riddle provides all the basics needed from her over 20 years as a real estate agent.  She gets both you and your house ready.  First, she helps mentally prepare you to sell, leading to how to prepare your home physically with the little details to make the house you are selling warm and appealing to the potential buyer. 
Going forward from there are the basics of listing and showing your home and all you need to know about markets, loans and inspections, right up to the offer, contract and closing until you move out of your house.  Superstar selling tips, to give you quick facts; worksheets, that actively involve you in the process; and case studies for better understanding of selling are throughout. 
Concluding is a real estate glossary, sample contracts, inspections and forms and even an A to Z religious faith guide to understand what will please or offend potential buyers of different religions, not the common type of knowledge shared by a real estate agent, but something that could make or break the sale of a home.