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The Secrets About The English Language
Whata {What do} Ewe {You} “Mean” Bye {By} That?
By Sondra Smith
Campbell Copy Center
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 4 stars
The Secrets About The English Language is a reference book of often mis-used and mis-spelled words.  However, unlike those boring lists American students get in school, this book presents the same, or more, information with an interesting twist that holds interest and helps retention.
Each letter has a section of these words, with each section housing “Life’s Most Pressing Questions” “How come?” and “Did you know?”
“Life’s Most Pressing Questions” holds humorous facts and play on words making the English language fun. 
“How come?” is excellent by adding usage of some words in sentences to apply the words to understand them better.  It’s by using language that we come to learn it.
“Did you know?” has interesting facts, including some grammar tips, as well as some fun play on words.
Many of the plays on words include American cultural references.  They are excellent for Americans, but most likely confusing to those born and raised elsewhere.  The conclusion with “Zat’s All Folks” ending the Z section, while a cute attempt, combines both an American cartoon saying with the change of the Z, ending a book that works well to dispel misunderstanding on a potentially confusing note.  So, too, the sub title, “Whata {What do} Ewe {You} “Mean” Bye {By} That?” , while setting the tone of the book well, would start the reader off with less confusion if the correction was done for the full sentence, rather than word my word.
Overall, The Secrets About the English Language is an excellent reference book that increases comprehension and proper usage of the English language, definitely a welcome addition to every home’s library.
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