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Seasons Change
By Jennifer A. Lightburn
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:   3 stars
Readers meet Annette arrested, Monica and Gabriella at a bar, and then more of Monica as she picks up Annette at the police precinct, taking her home with her.  Annette’s husband Montel hit her, but Annette allowed the police to arrest her to protect her son, Anthony.
Lightburn describes her novel as a “dramatic comedy,” calling it “a serious topic with characters who are a hoot.”
This reviewer saw much potential in this combination, but feels the work contains characterizations that tend too much toward the stereotypical.
The topic is indeed about serious issues, exploring marriage, lesbianism, physical and emotional abuse, parenthood, the police department, the court system, and all the tangled interaction of all of these.
The characters alternate between seriousness and flippancy, with some hysterical scenes, but also with some scenes where the flippancy seems inappropriate.  It is a delicate balance handling so many important issues, which, at times, makes the story difficult to follow.
The writing, however, does tell a good story that explores many issues that need exploring.  Nevertheless, in this reviewer’s opinion, it could use some editorial work to strengthen the novel in order to keep readers more fully engrossed in all of the scenes, and to better present this important topic.