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Running on Empty

By Shelley Pernot


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 4 stars


In the introduction readers meet the author before and at the start of the journey to mindfulness.


“This book is a summary of what I learned along the way. It’s a realistic, practical, and somewhat irreverent view of a topic that, in my humble opinion, is often over-esotericized. (Yes, I made that last word up. It’s a pretty good one, don’t you think?)”


Author comments along the way give this book a light, chatty, personal tone that keeps readers engaged.  The crux of the book, however, is mindfulness, something today’s quick society impedes, but something which is mandatory if one is to reach personal balance and peace.


“Definition of Mindfulness:

The practice of focusing awareness on the present moment non-judgmentally.”


While a simple concept, mindfulness is not so easy to practice consistently in one’s life. In eight light-hearted chapters the author shares insights into it through making a life intention, refraining from being judgmental, avoiding mindfulness blocks, practicing yoga, handling technology, and demystifying meditation.


It concludes with a scenario of Mindless Mona to illustrate and to reinforce the book’s ideas in an amusing summary that will stay with readers.