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Reverend Went Walking

By William Teets


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating: 5 stars







 “Reverend went walking on a cloudy fall day,” begins this unique and special story.


“Lil’ man walked straight and fast and hard, head held high…Reverend walked so unlike his peers…Reverend walked like he didn’t even belong on the block. Like he was above them streets…Too deep for the common brothers.”


Narrated by Old Man, who came up from these streets with knowledge beyond the norm, this story plunges readers into the Inner City. They’re right there listening to Old Man telling the real deal in authentic vernacular slang that propels readers into the experience, with them immediately rooting for Reverend from the beginning to the very end of the book.


The author’s writing style makes this a fast-paced page-turner, yet the execution of language has a poetic style that stays with readers, enhancing their enjoyment of the read.


Outstanding dialogue, authentic characterizations, and a realistic down-to-earth story explore the inequalities of the “American Dream,” and how spirituality, organized religion, family, neighborhood, and our own concepts play a part.


This is an important book that screams to be read. Readers will be glad they answered the call.