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By Gary L. Rockey
Zumaya Publications
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  5 stars
“Seeing is believing,” ace reporter Jim Roberts tells Zackary Stern, his editor at The Boca, Miami’s alternative weekly newspaper at the start to a Labor Day weekend.  But, is it?
Redacted, in a compelling story revolving mainly around Labor Day weekend, answers that question in a way that will keep readers hungering for more with each of the concise, exciting, fifty-three chapters read.
The dialogue is realistic, pulling readers into the world of journalism and politics.  Details add to the feel, from being able to read Stern’s handwritten yellow pad draft notes, not typed versions of them, to such minute specifics as brand of cigarette smoked.
Facts.  That’s what Stern is after, not political agendas.  Question.  Substantiate.  Report.
Facts are what real news is all about, and in order not to disintegrate into being a puppet mouthpiece for political agendas, it takes the guts to search for facts, no matter where they lead you, even if it is to the White House. 
As a former investigative reporter for a local alternative newspaper, this reviewer was captured by the true to life story that the author shares, and feels readers will be intrigued, shocked, and maybe even scared, because while it is a fictional story, look around our world today.  Could it happen?