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Quick and the Dead

By Susan Moody


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating:  5 stars


In this first book of the Alex Quick Mystery Series, Alex, a former police detective, at the age of 33 ruminates of being “in danger of becoming a maiden aunt,” unlike her business partner, Dr. Helena Drummond, who at 50 as art historian and university professor, lives a vibrant life, albeit with somewhat of a mysterious past.


“My mobile buzzed. Quick here, I said.

‘Alex, darling.’ It was Dr. Helena Drummond, my collaborator. My friend. And, in several ways, my savior.

‘Hi, Helena!’ I couldn’t help smiling. It was the effect she always had on me.”


They spoke of their appointment with a publisher at 10:30 the next morning, as well as Helena’s evening social plans.


“’And don’t be late,’ Alex warned her.

‘I won’t be – unless I’m kidnapped or something,’ Helena said, going on to repeat once more that she was being stalked.

Since Helena tended to be dramatic my flippant reply was to ‘Tell him to come back the day after tomorrow.”


When on the next day Helena did not show at the appointment, nor answer her phone, Alex regretted not taking Helena more seriously.


Readers will find this mystery literate, witty, and intriguing, as it challenges them to decipher the events that uncover many of Helen’s past secrets in this complex plot.