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Protecting Your Emotional G Spot

By Suzette R. Hinton


Reviewed by Angie Mangino

Rating:  3 stars


With so much emphasis on the G-spot, the author’s reason for writing this book is to share from her point of view and life experiences what she calls the emotional G-spot, and how to protect it.


“With the focus on location, location, location and how to pleasure it epically once we arrive, we are missing something just as significant. The real G-spot is not between your legs. Even before your panties are thrown over your head and his pants fall to the floor, it’s been stimulate to the point of no return.”


The author looks at relationships in eighteen chapters with titles such as   “Tell Yourself the Truth,” “A Defensive Man Can’t Love,” “Church Announcements,” and “You Can’t Help Who You Love? Nonsense!”


Written in a simple conversational style, this book offers situational examples and some quotes from others, to get the reader thinking about the emotional aspect in relationships.  While some of the specific examples may not apply to one’s own life, the emotional promptings behind them are universal.


Readers may not agree with all of the author’s conclusions, but in disagreeing will be evaluating their own relationships, becoming more secure and less vulnerable in the process.