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Pitch Your Business Like a Pro
By Victor Kwegyir
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  4 stars

In order to learn the most effective way to pitch a business, readers must first understand the meaning of pitching.

“Pitching is the art of making a presentation in person, writing, or via video to persuade an individual or audience to support your vision, buy your products or services, or choose you to do a job or invest in your idea or business.”

Practical examples show how we already have experience in pitching, even if we never thought of it as such, from pitching our mothers to allow us to do something that we want, to pitching someone to date us, to give us a part in a play, or to give us a job.

From this foundation, Kwegyir gives the information one needs for funding and creating a business plan, concluding with master class pitching techniques, followed by reference information of some angel investors, venture capitalists and global crowdfunding sites.

In his acknowledgment, the author states:

“My first passion is sharing quality information that inspires readers and informs them in their quest to find meaning in their life and success in fulfilling their business dreams.”

After reading his book, readers will find the author achieved this passion.