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The Complete Guide to Personal Finance For Teenagers and College Students
By Tamsen Butler
2010 Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc.
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 4 stars
The personal finance education Tamsen Butler provides in this guide is not a boring course by any means.  This comprehensive book talks to teenagers and college students in a down to earth real life manner, giving them the basics that will capture their interest, and the options to handle their money now.  Why is it important to learn how to handle money while young?  The good habits learned now will serve throughout life, especially now when there are no firmly established bad habits they would have to unlearn.  Handling money well is an important first step to independence.
This book gives the full picture in short, specific case studies, mainly from other teens, but additional from a parent or two, and a financial expert.  Learn the difference between needs and want.  Find out how to spend, how to save, and what the consequences are of debt.  Know about the different types of bank accounts and credit cards.  Find out the tactics that marketers use to influence teen spending.  Save Smart Tips throughout the guide offer quick advice to help.
A budget begins with the first allowance received, includes money received as gifts, and goes on to when a job increases income.  Leaning how to handle money when young begins the path to independence.  The concluding glossary of terms and bibliography of other books and websites makes this a valuable reference not only while young, but also helps ensure a better handling of money for a more secure financial future.