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By Jerry Hatchett
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  4 stars
This story, told primarily from the first person point-of-view of Gray Bolton, is about a pawnbroker in Mississippi who becomes involved in more than he could ever expect after shooting an armed robber at his shop in self-defense.  That event propels him into a nightmarish search for an item that many are after, the cause of extraordinary turmoil in his life.  The problem, however, is he must first figure out what it is that they want in order to try to return to his formerly uneventful life.
The author develops this plot well, giving readers a thriller that will keep them involved and searching with Bolton.  A cast of major and minor characters brings much to the story, as they interact either for or against Bolton.  Well-developed characters and good dialogue keep this first person account from being dull, but rather infuse it with life and intrigue. 
Readers will early on like Bolton, staying and rooting for him throughout, until the book reaches its surprising and satisfying conclusion.