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Painted Black
By Debra R. Borys
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 5  stars
What do you see when you think of teens living on the streets of a city?  Do you get angry, compassionate, or think it’s a shame, but not your problem?  Be ready to see these teens in a different way.
In this novel, Borys introduces readers to Jo Sullivan, a reporter who started out just looking for a story, but who finds so much more.  Most especially, she finds Chris Young, a young graffiti artist living on the streets, surviving however he can.  Together they look for the truth, not only about a funeral home, but also about themselves.
“Midnight interviews at funeral parlors – not exactly the way they mapped thing out in Journalism 405: Strategic Communication Research.  But then nothing about Jo’s situation now related to what life had been back then.”
Jo comes to care about Chris, as do readers, with Borys painting a picture of life on the streets of Chicago that will absorb and involve readers as the reality shocks and captures them.