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Only Milo
By Barry Smith
Inkwater Press
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating:  4 stars
The first three short background sections of Only Milo set the pace followed by 82 extremely short sections, most only a page or less, some only a sentence or two, in a simple direct writing style unlike most novels.  But it works!
Smith takes readers along quickly with Milo, a frustrated writer who hides his own writing, but secretly craves recognition.   Hired to translate a young Mexican’s first novel, Milo is driven to do more than translate it, substituting his own rejected work, which leads him in directions he never initially planned.  Milo’s dull, rejection filled life takes on unexpected excitement.
The unique style of this novel keeps the readers engulfed in Milo’s actions as he gets deeper and deeper into his deception and keeps them absorbed with each new twist and turn until the very end of the book.