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Notes from a dreamer … on Dreaming
A Personal Journey in Dream Interpretation
By Bobbie Ann Pimm
Reviewed by Angie Mangino
Rating: 4 stars
With poetry and artwork, most of it the original works of the author, Bobbie Ann Pimm takes the reader by the hand into the world of dreams. 
In the beginning of the book, Pimm shares information in easily understandable language about dreams, followed by tips and techniques for working with dreams.  We all dream every night, but may not think we do if we do not remember our dreams.  The tips help in the remembering of dreams.
Why bother to remember dreams?  “…Unless you are remembering and making sense of your dreams, you are missing out on countless opportunities to learn about yourself and experience life to its fullest,” is the author’s reply.
She stresses, though, never to ask someone else to interpret your dreams for you, because no one else knows you intimately enough to know the personal meaning to you of the symbols in your dreams.  She shares some of her dreams and interpretations to illustrate the process for the reader.  The symbol dictionary contains a variety of suggested interpretations for each symbol, with most of them “based on what Carl Jung referred to as the ‘shadow’ side of our personalities and the archetypes of the ‘collective unconscious.’”
Concluding with resources and suggestions for further information, this book is a very good introduction into the study of dreams.